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Orthodontics treatment will straighten the crowded or crooked teeth and improve the appearance and the way the teeth bite together, whilst also making it easier to clean and improve oral hygiene. Orthodontic treatment can also correct the problem when the teeth don’t meet correctly, which can put strain on jaw muscles, causing jaw and joint problems and sometimes headaches.

Our specialist and experienced Orthodontist Mr Asim Shaikh at Finchley Dental Studio can examine and advice you the best treatment based on your individual needs. Mr Shaikh has years of experience as an Orthodontist and can provide you an honest opinion based on your assessment results and help you achieve your dream smile.

Prior to starting the treatment the most important thing is to have a full dental examination. This will usually involve taking full mouth dental x-rays/Digital scan and making models of your teeth. We have state of the start full mouth dental scanning machine to assess and tailor a treatment plan. Through the 3D digital scan we can show you the journey from start to finish to a confident and straight smile.

There are a few types of braces that Orthodontist can recommend you based on your needs. We provide all types of Orthodontics treatments for adults and children such as;

  • Lingual braces
Traditional metal braces with metal brackets
Ceramic braces
(less visible)
Clear Invisible braces and aligners (Invisalign or Spark aligners)

Invisible braces/ Clear braces

Magical see-through braces are clear, comfortable and removable.  These are custom made for you. No uncomfortable wires mean more comfortable treatment – you can eat your food comfortably and speak better as wires don’t get in your way. And if you have an important presentation you need to make, you always have the option of removing your braces and wearing these afterwards. Clear aligners are also recommended for ongoing use after you complete your orthodontic treatment. The aligners help to maintain the results you want until your teeth have settled down and finished moving.

ORTHODONTICS (Prices depending on severity)

  • Fixed Metal£2,500-£4,000
  • Invisible Clear Aligners£3000-£4500
  • Upper removable braces£500-£800
  • Functional brace£1,000-£1200
  • Removable retainer£150
  • Fixed retainer£300/arch

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Dr. Asim Anis Shaikh

Asim is a principal Dentist at Finchley Dental studio.

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Dr. Edna Giwa-Amu

Dr Edna graduated from the University of Benin, school of Dentistry.

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